Buyers are savier than usual. Every transaction on your property is available to us real estate brokers. We purchase information to keep our clients knowledgeable.

Your house may be reasonably priced, however, a bargain is a bargain. Most Buyers today would love to know that they are getting a house with instant equity. And, no matter what the statistics show about market sales, you're only interested in why YOURS is still on the market.

Trust your agent. If your house isn't selling - and its in a great neighborhood where there are few (if any) other listings - then you should consider the price. Buyers or their agents know how much you spent and how much you want to net.

You can always get another agent. But if the next agent tells you the same thing - or just what you want to hear - your house will still be sitting-unsold.. 


Sellers LOVE it when you visit their home for possible purchase. Please realize, however, that we hope that you're visiting it in anticipation of purchase - and not just because it's your neighbors.


  1. Many times there are cameras throughout the house, noticing what you're doing.
  2. If the house isn't being sold with the furniture, then its very RUDE for you to look inside of the dresser drawers.
  3. If YOUR agent isn't comfortable enough with you to reprimand you for your behavior, imagine that they'll also have little restraint with Buyers of YOUR home - when you're ready to sell.
  4. If you want a second visit and your agent is busy, you do NOT want that agent to give you the code - to visit on your own. If they do - ask yourself who will be liable if you are hurt while there OR the Seller finds you there without representation. The law calls it TRESPASSING!

What Buyer Agents SHOULD Tell Their Customer/Client

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