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Value Under $100,000? DON\'T SELL - yet....

We recently agreed with a Seller that we shouldn't list her home in Raleigh!


Because the type of home she wants to move to isn't available in the price range that she wants.

Too often, home owners have sold too quickly to 'flippers' - people who offer very little and make lots of money. The best Real Estate Broker/Agent/Salesperson would first encourage a potential Seller to do the following:

1. Drive your own bus. Do NOT respond to letters from people who offer to buy your house, and set their own terms.

2. Talk with your family or a trusted friend. WHY are you selling? 

3. How much cash do you need to walk away with? In other words, tally all your (YOUR) bills. This is an opportune time to be selfish - especially if your retirement will be affected.

4. Listing Agent fees are negotiable. If your house is in a hot market, make sure that the Broker Commission is worth the cost.

More later.


As of today all of our listings have sold or are under contract. What might surprise you about real estate is how different Buyers and Sellers may think!

Your most expensive purchase could best be served by having at least ONE licensed professional on your side! If you are a buyer or seller near the Triangle (Raleigh, Durham or Chapel Hill), Eastern NC or near Sanford, looking to relocate to our area, we are happy to assist you! Real estate is one of the largest and most exciting investments one can make. We are here to insure that your process is both fun and rewarding! 

Working with us means IT'S ALL ABOUT YOU!

Venita Peyton, Broker in Charge, Notary

GRI (Graduate, Realtor Institute, SFR (Short Sales and Foreclosures), MPA (Master's in Public Administration - North Carolina State University)

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