Brian Mountain Broker
Phone:  (919) 906-1946

My Name is Brian Mountain, originally from 30 minutes outside of Boston. I graduated from Johnson and Wales University in 1996 with a B.A.S in Hospitality management. From there; I went on to pursue a career in culinary arts. Throughout my 20's. I worked for many of the top chefs in the country from the Hampton's to Miami to Las Vegas. While working in Miami I became very interested in Real Estate and dreamed of investing someday. I read every book I could find on the subject of investing and figured I would not only need capital but would need to know how to properly identify and fix problems in residential homes. To do this I focused primarily on residential plumbing and became a licensed contractor. This gave me the opportunity to dovetail my trade into my investments as well as create capital to get started. 

   In 2005 I met my beautiful wife Jamie. Her being already as an accomplished business, person we pursued rel estate investing and developed our contracting business. Today we have many rental homes in the Triangle area as well as vacation homes in Carolina beach. I focus primarily on real estate and my wonderful 2 year old daughter Katherine. I became a licensed broker in 2016. My ideal client would be someone who may be focusing on buying real estate as an investment or someone really looking to get value out of what they buy.